Mercer & PCS report: How employers help their Ukrainian employees?

The war in Ukraine affects everyone. Many Polish organizations are involved either in helping their Ukrainian employees (and their families) or supporting various initiatives aimed at helping refugees. In March, Mercer completed a global survey, asking employers around the world how they are addressing the war in Ukraine. 300 companies participated in the survey, including 132 from Europe (excluding the UK) and 17 from Poland. Participants included companies that have operations in Ukraine – naturally questions addressed how and if they continue to operate there and support their employees who are in war zones.

During our webinar (April 13, 11.00 am)

  • We will show (based on the above mentioned survey) what attitudes companies from all over the world take towards their employees in Ukraine (and activities conducted there) – Mercer Polska
  • We will share practices from the Polish market – how the actions taken by Polish employers look like in comparison to the above mentioned “global” practices – Mercer Polska
  • We will talk about the legal status of refugees from Ukraine who stay in Poland – PCS | Littler

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